Hi!  I’m LeeAnn and welcome Living the Dream, my blog about how I’m living my version of the “American Dream”.  I’m married to an amazing man, Chad, who is so supportive and patient with me and all of my crazy ideas and endeavors.  I’ve birthed my 2.3 kids (well, okay, my three kids – we rounded up instead of down), my beautiful blonde-haired blue-eyed devils angels, Caroline “Carlie”, Madeline “Maddie” and Elizabeth “Lizzie”.   We live in a nice house in the suburbs of the Kansas City metro.  We’re just missing the white picket fence and dog and/or cat.  I used to have the well-paying corporate job but recently ditched cubicle-heaven to stay at home with my motley crew.  (Ask me if I miss it.  The answer is no.)

You’ll see a lot of my posts focus on money.  I’m a thrifty person by nature, just ask my parents or sister.  I hesitate to part with my money very quickly and always want to make sure I’m getting my money’s worth.  My  husband and I work hard to earn our money and we want to spend it wisely and on items that that will help us live the life we value, to be able to live our dream.  I hope you all will benefit from learning about some of our family’s methods for determining what purchases we make and how to make our dollars work for us.

I love to cook and bake, and part of saving money for our household involves meal planning and making a lot of things from scratch, so you’ll find a lot of information about that here as well.  I’ve also recently become more obsessed interested in our family’s health and I’m trying hard to serve more natural and organic foods to our family.  I hope through this blog I’ll find new ways to do that and still fit within our budget.

We also just got our first digital SLR camera a little while back and taking pictures has become my new hobby.  I love to share my pictures and will also share any tips as I learn more about this.

What else might you want to know about me?  I used to be an avid reader before Things 1 through 3 came along, but still manage to squeeze a good novel in from time to time.  I can spend hours (if I had hours) on the internet reading important material that greatly improve my intellect – you know, like Facebook, Twitter and all the blogs I read.  I’m a TV-aholic too.  I’m a practicing Catholic and am continually striving to be more like how Jesus wants me to be.

And if you haven’t figured it out yet, know that I speak fluent sarcasm, so please do forgive all the snarky comments and take no offense to anything I say.  Because I probably don’t mean it.  Most of the time.

If you want to email me you can at livingthedreamblog {at} yahoo {dot} com.



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