Well, dear readers, I wondered if this day would come.  And alas, it has.

Life it just so busy these days that the blog has to take a back burner to the rest of life.  Between photo shoots, editing, a committment to my church that starts today, and, oh yeah, that pesky job of raising my kids and keeping up my  house, it’s all become a bit much for my one self to handle.  At least as a daily committment.

I’m not gone, just on a long “vacation” of sorts.  I might pop back in every once in a while, and after the craziness dies down, I hope to be back.

Oh, and if you haven’t yet, go “Like” my Facebook page, I’ll let you know when I do come back.

And if you miss me so much you can’t stand it, I do post on my photography blog every once in a while.  It’s probably not as entertaining as this one, but it’s still me if you’re needing a fix.

Don’t miss me too much.




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