I shopped til I dropped.

As I’ve been mentioning, consignment sale season is upon us here in KC, and yesterday I hit my favorite sale to stock up on my girls fall and winter clothes for the year.  Since this sale is my favorite, its the one I consign to, and I volunteer as well so I can shop the earliest pre-sale the day before the sale opens to the public.  I do this because a) it’s not as crowded as when it’s open to the public and b) you get first pick of all the really great stuff at the best prices.  This is especially helpful if you’re looking for something specific or hard to find, like an outdoor toy/playset or a bike.

However I was looking for neither, this year’s trip was just for clothes.  Of course I had to get Carlie some clothes. She can still wear some of last year’s clothes, but most are getting to short on her.  They’ll only last a few months before she needs the next size.

Maddie I just needed to fill in some holes where I did not have particular items when Carlie was that age.  It’s ironic — Carlie and Maddie are the closest in age (18 months) but yet are so different in terms of size and body type.  Carlie was a chunky baby, and she’s still outgrowing the thick thighs and tummy.  She might have that tummy her whole life (poor kiddo).  Maddie is a skinny-minny who only wears a 3T for the length.  All her adjustable waist pants are on the smallest setting so they don’t fall off of her.  And she can still pull them off without unbuttoning them.  And actually, her Halloween costume is an 18 month size.  Ironic given Lizzie can wear 18 month size already (my second chunky monkey).

And even though I have a ton of baby girl clothes from my older two, Lizzie had to go and be a different size for the season.  She’ll wear 18 months but the older two wore 18 months size in the summer, so I had to buy some new clothes for her too.

I got to the sale at 4:15, and I didn’t get out of there until 8.  Four hours of shopping.  I was pretty pooped.  I guess in all fairness I shopped until 7:15 but I happened to finish around the time the consigners (who were let in at 6) were wrapping up so I caught the long line.

But I ended up with 77 pieces for just under $300 (tax included), including a Halloween costume and a winter coat.  And a “piece” is everything on a hanger.  So if someone combined a shirt, sweater and leggings on a hanger, that’s one “piece”.  So really I have more than 77 items for that much.  That’s less than $4 per piece, and I’m guessing less than $3 per item if I were to count the number of items.

I’d love to show you some pictures, but after I got home last night, kissed the girls good night, did the dishes, folded some laundry, sorted through the clothes, then sat down, I was done for the day.  So we’re picture-free today.

Now all I have to do to get the girls ready for winter is figure out what I need for tights, additional leggings and socks, and I need to find them some casual and dressy shoes.  And we’ll be ready for winter!  Well, physically at least.  Mentally I’m so not ready…..


3 responses

  1. That check out line was crazy. You must have been just behind me–I left at 7:45. I scored snow pants x3, coats x2, and some cute clothes for P all for $102 including tax. P was so excited when I came home and showed her everything 🙂

  2. okay… NOW it makes sense where all the good clothes went. I am getting so fed up with these sales – whenever I go shop there is nothing… really nothing but pilled, worn-out, way overpriced, out-of-season stuff. I looked for snow pants, snow coat, winter dresses, shoes, etc. Nada. Oh how I wish I was ready to consign something so I could get first pick at some stuff!!

    • Going early is definitely key. You don’t have to consign, you can volunteer. You can either work at the sale or see if you can help out in other ways — putting up yard signs, passing out flyers, etc. I volunteered for years before consigning. You are right that there is a lot of pilled, worn out, overpriced stuff. What some people want for these clothes amazes me. Remind me next time we see each other to talk about volunteering.

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