Miscellaneous Monday: Good Sunday, State Farm makes me cry, and homemade tortillas

After taking the weekends off I am too lazy find it hard to remember to get a post ready for Monday.  So I’m going to try out Miscellaneous Monday.  Just random thoughts or happenings from me.  If you’re like me you probably can’t handle much more than that on Mondays anyway, right?

Miscellaneous #1:

Sunday was a great day — church, taking pictures of my girls by a newly-erupted sunflower field by our house, playing and riding bikes with the neighbor kids, a good long afternoon nap (for the kids), chili for dinner, and of course football on TV!  The only downside was that someone rear-ended Chad, and of course the driver didn’t have insurance.  Chad did call the police though, and our insurance has always been easy to work with, so we’re not too worried about it.

Miscellaneous #2:

I cried a lot this weekend.  I watched too many of the 9/11 shows and recaps.  Good grief, even the State Farm commercial made me cry! (The one where the kids are walking through the streets of NYC singing Empire State of Mind and they show up at the fire station and they sing to the fire fighters — ah! It gets me every time!)  But it was worth it to remember and bring back the emotions felt during that terrible yet heroic time in our nation’s history.

Miscellaneous #3:

I’m attempting to make homemade tortillas today to use in our Black Bean Enchiladas for tonight’s dinner.  I’m a bit nervous about making them, but excited too.  Wish me luck!

That’s all my randomness for today.  Over and out, y’all.


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