Menu Plan 9/3 – 9/9

Every Thursday I plan to share what our meal plan is for the upcoming week.  Meal planning is one of the easiest, most controllable things you can do for your family to save money and eat healthier.  

As always:

I typically shop on Thursday or Friday because that is when our local stores typically start their “special sales”.  That and I don’t like shopping on the weekends because a) the stores are more crowded and b) we’re usually pretty busy on the weekends and I hate taking time away from family time for grocery shopping.

My meal plan goes from Saturday through Friday.  We typically eat out once a week, usually on Fridays, although we might change that up a bit to take advantage of kids eat cheap/free nights on the other days of the week.

For lunch the girls usually eat either tuna fish, hot dogs, peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, or quesadillas, along with fruit, veggies, yogurt, or some other quick and easy sides.  Chad usually takes leftovers as his lunch to work.   I usually have leftovers if they need to be eaten up, or will eat whatever the girls are eating.

So here is what is on the agenda for us this week.

Saturday:  We’ll be in Man-happening for the opening game for KSU Football, so we’ll be tailgating!!  I’m bringing dessert — yum!

Sunday:  Dinner at the in-laws (Have I told you how I love getting out of cooking two nights in a row?)

Monday:  Sweet & Sour Meatballs (this is new, fingers crossed)

Tuesday Chicken Enchilada Pasta (for those who follow me on Pinterest I have a picture of it on my Mexican Dishes to Try board)

Wednesday:  Sloppy Joes, Fried Potatoes

Thursday:  Ravioli, per Carlie’s request (it’s her favorite)

Friday:  Breakfast for Dinner or Pizza or Leftovers

On the shopping list for this week: 

My goal is to spend under $100 each week on groceries.  I also want to track what percent of my budget I’m spending on what items.  Right now my major categories will be Fruit/Veggie, Meat, Dairy, and Other.  This week the totals are:

  • Fruit/Veggie 29%
  • Meat 22%
  • Dairy 17%
  • Other 32%

Chad stopped by Costco for me the other day and grabbed some skim milk and sticks of butter.   Butter at Costco is $9.69 for a four-pack, which is $2.42/lb.  It’s more than what you’d pay if you found butter on sale (like it is this week at Hy-Vee, darn it), but much better than butter not-on-sale which can run close to $4/lb in some stores.

Price Chopper has cantaloupe this week for $.99.  My girls love it, so I’ll get 2.  They also have Johnsonville sausages on sale for $1.97, and while I’m trying to limit the amount of processed meat that contain sodium nitrates that we eat, they’re a nice occasional treat, so I’ll grab a few for a later time.

Hy-Vee has red grapes and nectarines for $.99/lb and Bartlett pears for $.98/lb. (Why the penny difference?  Who knows.)  They also have Bunny-Luv organic carrots (not baby but the full sized carrots) for $.88 a 16 oz bag, so I’ll grab 2.

As for meat, they have Oscar Meyer hot dogs on sale for $1.50 each.  Oscar Meyer carries the nitrate free kind, and we’re getting low, so I’ll grab a few.  They also have ground beef for $1.79/lb (sold in 5lb rolls, for a total of $8.95), and while I have some in the freezer I am getting low, so I’ll grab one of these, especially since we’re having two ground beef dishes this week.

I also have a freezer still half full of boneless skinless chicken breasts, but as I mentioned in my Midwest Mexican post this week, I like to buy the bone-in, skin-on kind to roast for recipes that call for precooked chicken (it’s cheaper and the chicken tastes better).  Since Hy-Vee has it on sale for$.89/lb I’ll go ahead and grab some and save my boneless skinless for when I actually need boneless skinless chicken breasts.

Hy-Vee also has the MidWest Country Fair peanut butter on sale, I’ll grab some to give to the church food drive.  Oh, and pretzels are on sale for $1.18/bag.  We’ve been on a pretzel drought lately, and while I’m on a kick to avoid processed foods again, pretzels are just quick and easy for on the go snacks.

Oh yeah, and Hy-Vee has pounds of butter for $1.99.  I’ll still grab a few since we love butter around here (and it freezes very, very well!).

I’ll expect to spend right at $100, despite not cooking dinner two nights.  Hmph.  The key this week is to NOT get distracted by sales I didn’t notice or make last minute changes, which I’ve been doing lately and it has NOT saved me any money.  STICK WITH THE PLAN, WOMAN.


What’s on your menu plan for next week?


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