Food Waste Friday: More cilantro, dill and half a lime

Part of saving money, especially when it comes to groceries and food, is to not waste the food that you do buy.  If you work hard to save money and purchase good, wholesome food for your family, then why would you want to throw it in the trash each week?

Now I’m not clever enough to have come up with Food Waste Friday on my own.  I’m participating along with some other great people, including Kristen, a.k.a The Frugal Girl.  Why don’t you join us and see how much money you can save by actually eating all the food you buy?

Eck.  I cleaned out the vegetable drawer this past week and unfortunately found some hidden little gems just waiting for me.  Some cilantro I forgot I had put in a plastic container, some dill weed that smelled like it was fermenting (I suppose that says something good about my plastic containers that it didn’t smell up my fridge), and a half a lime.  The lime irritates me the most because I could have so easily used that up, if anything just as a fun addition to my water.  Oh well, that will learn me not to ignore my vegetable drawer.

Gross, isn’t it?

How about you?  How much food do you waste each week?  Join us in trying to create a food waste-free household!


3 responses

  1. Oh yeah, I’m always sad when I see cilantro gone to waste too, only because I love it so much! It’s sometimes hard to use up all the herbs though…that reminds me, I also have one whole lemon in the fridge waiting for me…

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