Woo hoo! School has started!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, yesterday was the first day of school for the year for Carlie.

She was so excited, as was I.

I love my children, I really do, and I love staying home with them, but I am so so so SO happy school has started.  Summer is fun, and I love the flexibility of being able to do what we want when we want, but I also love the structure and routine that comes with school.

Okay, and who am I kidding, I love having one less kid in the house.  Carlie is a fun, energetic, happy kid, but she’s already starting with the “I’m bored!  I don’t want to play.” routine.  And she no longer naps (partially because she just doesn’t need one anymore, partially because I needed to prep her for afternoon preschool), so my afternoons would get so long trying to keep her entertained.

Mommy needs a break!

And Day 1 of school was so lovely.  She got on the bus, I took the younger two on a quick library trip, got home, put them down for naps, and enjoyed the silence.  I got 5 loads of laundry folded, caught up on Facebook, and watched a few episodes of Mad Men.  I really do need to get back into running during naptime again, maybe I’ll start that today.  Or next week.  And as I have a slew of photography sessions coming up I’m sure I’ll be spending the quiet time editing.  Which is fine with me, because I love to do that.

The other thing I love about Carlie being gone is that I get more quality time with Maddie and Lizzie.  Carlie has a strong personality and she tends to dominate everything in this house.  She tells the little girls what to do, she demands more of my attention, and she determines the play structure.  I  noticed yesterday that as soon as Carlie left, Maddie started talking and did. not. stop. until naptime.

But Carlie had a good first day, she’s really excited about school this year.  I can’t believe this is her last year of preschool and she’ll be starting Kindergarten next year.  But don’t mention that to her if you see her.  She starts crying and saying how she’ll miss all her friends and teachers.


It’s going to be a long 14 years.


One response

  1. yes, gotta love the first day of school! i’ll admit, i prefer summers. But, seeing them so excited makes it fun for me too. Just get ready, by this time next year, it won’t be her that’s crying — you’ll be holding back your tears from realizing you just sent your “baby” to big kid school! 😦 & 🙂 at the same time!

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