This is not a fun way to spend your last days of summer.

So on top of all the crazy business of our lives lately, we’ve been battling illness around the house too.  It started with Chad getting a cold two days before we took off for our extended weekend to Dallas.  He was popping cold pills every four hours, which seemed to help.  By the Friday of our trip he was pretty much better.

Which is good, because then he was taking care of me.  The Thursday morning that we left for our trip I woke up with some swelling above my right eye.  I thought it was just a bug bite, perhaps a mosquito got into the house, and figured it would go away during the day.

Boy, was I wrong.

By the time we hit Muskogee, Oklahoma my eye was half swelled shut.  We ended up stopping in an urgent care to have a doctor take a look.  His diagnosis was an allergic reaction to something and recommended Zyrtec or Benadryl, hydrocortisone cream, and maybe some allergy eye drops.  We grabbed the Zyrtec and hydrocortisone cream from Walgreens and headed on.  I figured it would be gone by the time we hit Dallas.

Boy, was I wrong.  Again.

By the time we hit Dallas four hours later my eye was swelled completely shut.  In fact, the entire right side of my face was swollen.  Above my eyebrow, all the way to my ear, and it was even putting pressure on my sinuses.  I was miserable.  So I took a Benadryl, on top of the Zyrtec.  Surely, it would *have* to go down by morning.

Boy, was I wrong.  Yet again.

After a horrible night of sleep and constant worry, we woke up Friday morning and decided to hit urgent care in Dallas.  A wonderful doctor saw me, decided it was definitely an allergic reaction, but I was going to have to either have it drained, have steriods injected, get an antibiotic, or some combination of all three.  But he wanted me to see an optometrist.

But we were in Dallas, out of our HMO network.  We were not exactly excited about the prospect of paying out of pocket for an optometrist visit.  So we asked if we could go to the ER instead (the HMO covers urgent/emergent care, just not office visits).  They said of course, so we did.

So we spent the next 3 hours in the ER where they took a CAT scan to make sure my eyeball or the area behind my eye wasn’t swollen (it wasn’t), and proceeded to pump me full of Benedryl and a steriod (Prednisone). And and antibiotic.

And they still sent me to an optometrist.  She agreed it was an allergic reaction, checked out my eye and declared it perfectly fine, and said ithe drugs they gave me should work but to call if it got worse.  Also, they only charged us the co-pay and since my husband works for our health insurance company he found out our insurance will cover the visit rather than make us pay out of pocket since it was an emergency situation.

So after four days of steriods, antibiotics and pain medication my eye finally went down to a fairly acceptable level of swelling.  And today, a week and half later, it’s still just a bit poofy but still very tender.  I think I need to go see my primary care physician just to make sure nothing else is going on with it.

But it kinda ruined our first day of our trip to Dallas.  Thank God for my wonderful sister-in-law and brother-in-law who helped take care of our kids while Chad and I ran around Dallas getting me fixed.

And then last week?  Well Lizzie started sounding kinda congested.  Then she started waking up during the night.  And not eating quite as well.  And then a bunch of gook was in her ears.  And then it was in her eyes.  So Thursday we made a quick stop at the doctor to confirm a double ear infection and conjunctivitis.  So she got her own dose of Prednisone.

We’re all doped up on ‘riods in our house.

And thank goodness we took her in on Thursday because we didn’t want her to be cranky for our trip back to St. Louis for my sister’s baby shower this past weekend.  And she wasn’t.  Drugs are goooood.

Needless to say it was a crazy way to spend our last two weeks of summer vacation.  Maybe now we’re all better.  The older two girls so far have escaped unscathed.  We’ll see how long that lasts.  School starts this week, so it probably won’t last long.

The crazy thing is we’re usually not a “sick” family.  Chad and I rarely get sick, and I think except for a minor cold here and there, Carlie’s only been sick twice, Maddie’s had two ear infections, and Lizzie had roseola last month (and now this), but that’s it.

Let’s just hope this isn’t the start of a long, sick fall/winter.  I don’t know if I can handle it.

Okay, I’m done babbling about our family’s health.

I sure hope you, my dear readers, are better off than we have been!

And for your viewing pleasure, a picture of my chubby baby with pouting lips.  She conked out on the way home from church and breakfast out, and I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures of that adorable little face.

Don’t you just want to kiss that little face all over?  I do.


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