Menu Plan: I’m off a bit

I don’t have my regular grocery shopping plan again today.

Please don’t yell.  I’m sorry.

Last week I didn’t have one because I was on my way to Dallas and wasn’t going regular grocery shopping for the week.  Then when we got home I went on Monday to grab some fresh fruit and veggies.  Since we’re stocked up I don’t plan on going again until probably next week sometime.  Maybe on Thursday next week, so I can get back on schedule.

You know what, I can tell you what we’ve been having/will be having for dinner over the next week or so.  I  know many of you have expressed how you like seeing my menu plan as it helps give you ideas on what to make yourself.  I won’t put the dishes with a particular day since we have so much going on lately and I keep changing up and rearranging my plan.

Lately we’ve been having:  Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Chicken and Rice Bake, Hamburgers & Oven Fries, Crispy Chicken with Butter Potatoes, Chicken & Bacon Pesto Pizza, several breakfast for dinners, and a bit of leftovers.

Next week a lot of the craziness we’ve been having with vacations, family dinners, sickness, back to school, etc. should subside, and I expect to be back on track.

But if you’ll indulge me, what’s your favorite part of Menu Plan Thursday?  What I’m purchasing for the week?  My menu plan?  What percent I’m spending on fresh fruits & veggies vs. meat/dairy/other?  I’d love to know what you like best so I can focus (and improve!) on that.


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