So I don’t have a formal post today since we’ve been super busy lately.  In fact I just came from outside where we planted a new shrub to replace the old ones we (and by we I mean my husband and father-in-law) dug out this weekend.  We’ve been up super-early to get the yardwork done before the heat of the day arrives.  Which has been around 9 or 9:30 around these parts lately.

I’m excited to share a few things with you, hopefully later this week or early next.

I made a cucumber salsa this weekend to help use up the cucumbers I’m now innundated with from my garden.  It was very good, I’ll have the recipe hopefully this weekend or next.

Speaking of my garden, the only plants that have survived the heat are the tomatoes and cucumbers.  The zucchini never gave me any fruit, and you’re already familiar with nothing else surviving (like my beans or red peppers).  I might have to expand this thought later with some photos too.

Also I finished Cinderella Ate My Daughter, and I’m working on organizing my thoughts around that.  Overall I did like the book, and recommend it to anyone with little girls battling over how much girly-girlness is too much.

Let’s see, I also did a photo shoot with my newphews and niece, and I’m working on editing right now.  They were so cute and fun to work with, even though my littlest nephew (he just turned 2) was a bit cranky at first and didn’t want Aunt LeeAnn in his face all morning.  Poor kiddo.  Anyway, I might have a few pics of that.

Oh yeah, and I got Photoshop Elements this past week, so I’m having a blast playing around with that and editing my photos in really creative ways.

Here are a few of Carlie with some various “treatments” added to them.

Velvet Truffle


Lustrous Pop

Hot Cocoa

Coffee with Cream


Photoshop is so much fun, and almost as much of a time-sucker as Facebook.  Thanks to the ladies who developed these actions from The Pioneer Woman and The CoffeeShop Blog!

Okay, I’ve been on here long enough.  The baby is wanting to get out of bed (silly baby, doesn’t she know I’m on the computer?), the four year old wants something (I don’t know what, I’m ignoring her as always since she talks all. the. time), and the 2 year old is just just laying in bed peacefully.  Or at least not talking.  Maybe she’s still asleep.  Nah.

Happy Monday!

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2 responses

    • Pfffft. Have you not *looked* at our lawn? It’s horrid. But since the lawnmower is in the shop still anyway I suppose it works out just fine that we don’t have to mow. I’m too cheap to have a $150 water bill so we just don’t water the lawn. 🙂

      And yes, I LOVE PSE. It’s hard to leave a picture alone and just do basic fixes and not go all crazy changing everything. 😉

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