Food Waste Friday: Strawberries…kind of…

Part of saving money, especially when it comes to groceries and food, is to not waste the food that you do buy.  If you work hard to save money and purchase good, wholesome food for your family, then why would you want to throw it in the trash each week?

Now I’m not clever enough to have come up with Food Waste Friday on my own.  I’m participating along with some other great ladies, including Kristen, a.k.a The Frugal Girl.  Why don’t you join us and see how much money you can save by actually eating all the food you buy?

We almost had “Strawberries…definitely…” except that I pulled them out for the girls to eat yesterday and noticed a few already growing mold.  So I sorted through, cut out the moldy parts, cut the rest into pieces, and cooked them down on the stovetop to make some strawberry topping for ice cream, pancakes, etc.

Here are some of the bad strawberries and the stems.

I cut up the non-moldy ones in pieces, threw them in the pot with about 2 tablespoons of sugar and cooked on medium-low for about 10 minutes.

And here they are, ready to be put in the fridge.

We had them on top of homemade ice cream last night.  Super yummy.

But that’s all our waste for this week!  Next week I’ll probably have more — I have some dill I bought at the farmer’s market and I can’t seem to use it all up, so I’m sure I’ll be having to chuck some of it, unless you all have some great ideas on what to do with it?  Dry it?  Freeze it?  I need help, I’ve never worked with dill before!

How about you?  How much food do you waste each week?  Join us in trying to create a food waste-free household!


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    • I will! Your rice salad sounds fabulous. I’m going to add it to my menu for the week after next! I assume forbidden rice can be found in Whole Foods bulk bins?

      • My garden is NOT liking this heat. My zucchini are pretty much gone (they never did give me any fruit, not sure what happened), the cucumbers are coming in but the leaves are turning yellow and brown, but my tomatoes are still growing like weeds although no red tomatoes yet, just green.

        The cauliflower seeds I planted for Fall harvest never came up. Not that I’m surprised.

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