Operation Declutter: I fell off the wagon

Well, I really meant to get to the girls’ rooms this past week as part of Operation Declutter.  But I didn’t.  I kept making excuses.

Last week it was “Well, I really get to these types of things during nap but since they are *in* their rooms during nap I can’t do it.  So I’ll do it this weekend.”

Then over the weekend we decided to tackle our dying shrubbery (is that a word?) out front.  That took most of Saturday morning.  Then Sunday we had church, then the in-laws came over for some breakfast, then we went to Touch-A-Truck at the Overland Park Convention Center.

Yep, my girls sitting in a big ol’ tractor and on a combine.  I think they’re ready to go help our family in Western Kansas with harvest, don’tcha think?

Anyway, then Monday and Tuesday we went to the park and here I am a week later and it’s not done.

I’m so full of excuses.

I might skip the girls’ rooms for now and move on and tackle the Master Bed and Bath.  It’s getting kinda cluttered and I haven’t bothered cleaning it up because I planned to tackle it as part of Operation Declutter.

So yes, that’s my plan of attack.

For now.

Do you procrastinate?  Get on a roll with something and then burn out a bit?  What do you do to overcome that?


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