Parks & Photography

We’re sort of on a park kick lately.  It’s been hotter than Hades around here lately, but if we stay cooped up in the house all day I want to kill the kids by noon.  So we’re trying to go out very early (like by 8:30 or 9:00) so we can come back home by 10 or 11.

Yesterday we went to a park where my nephew had his 2nd birthday party a few weeks ago.  It’s a wonderful park, one of our new favorites.  They have two playground areas, one is great for the little kids and one is good for older kids.  They also have a little man-made stream running through with lots of logs fallen over it, campfire-style sites where kids can sit, a little waterfall and a sandpit.

The best part about the place — in the morning it’s almost entirely shaded.  Yeah!

Anyway, the girls had a great time and gave me a chance to experiment and play around with my new lens (I just got a 35mm).  And I love it!  I tried not to make them pose too much, but occassionally I did.  Maddie wasn’t into it yesterday.  “Mommy, I don’t want my picture taken.”  I guess that happens when you have a mom who loves to take pictures.

See?  Mad about getting her picture taken.  But I love that I got to capture her pouty pants face.  Usually she just turns away.

Today I’m going to drag take them somewhere else.  Maybe Antioch Park, we haven’t been there in a while.  I can take pictures of the baby while the other two play, I didn’t really take many of her yesterday.

For those in the KC Metro, what are your favorite parks, to play or to take pictures/have your pictures taken?


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  1. What park is that? Sounds wonderful!!! We always just hit up the park outside of Deanna Rose but we need to find another one that’s equally as nice.

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