Operation Declutter Week 3: Office and Finished Basement

Ugh.  Week 3 of Operation Declutter was one I was NOT looking forward too.  The office is my nemisis.  I think I’ve cleaned this room out at least 4 times since we moved in 4 years ago.  It houses my book collection, our desktop computer and printer, various office supplies, and all our financial, tax and medical records.

I’m not good about filing or shredding documents on a regular basis.  I let them pile up (for 6 months to a year at a time, I’m ashamed to admit) and then take care of them in one fell swoop.  Sort into shred vs. keep.  Sort keep into medical, financial, home related, etc.  That was a big chunk of this week’s project.  Going through the papers.  Ugh.  Not fun.

I had also let my jewelry business stuff just pile up into one big mess.  So that had to get sorted through and cleaned up as well.

It took me several hours over several days, but I am so glad it’s nice and clean.  I even created separate boxes for the shred pile and the file away pile.  Maybe that will help keep me on top of things.

I’m not showing pictures of our office.  It’s totally ghetto.  Even clean.

The second part of Week 3 was cleaning up the finished part of our basement.  The #1 goal within this was to clean out our built-in bar.  I think when we moved in we unloaded all our glassware that we had accumulated from college and beyond and just shoved it behind the bar.  It made sense.  We were younger back then, only had 1 kid, we thought, “sure, we still need all of this!”.

Um, yeah, not so much.

We are inundated with glassware.  We have over 30 wine glasses, 40 pilsner glasses, about 10 beer mugs, 8 martini glasses, 5 margarita glasses, and countless, countless shot glasses.

Who, besides a frat house, needs that many vehicles for alcohol consumption?

Not us, I can tell you that.

So we’ll pare it down to what we’ll actually use and donate the rest.

However we will be keeping all the alcohol.  That is a necessity.

The last thing I need to do is go through all the kids toys we keep in the basement and organize them a bit better.  Now that the baby is almost crawling I want to put some of the upstairs toys downstairs where she can’t get a hold of them.  To do that I need to see what kind of room we have.  Because Lizzie’s been sick I’m a bit behind this week, so I hope to finish that this afternoon so I can move on to Week 4 tomorrow.

Week 4 shouldn’t be too bad — the girls’ rooms.  I clean those out fairly regularly when we have a seasonal clothing change.  Or when the baby outgrows her current size.  But I know each of them has a lot of random stuff sitting around that can be put somewhere else or donated/thrown away.

I also need to go through the stored clothes in each of their rooms and combine that with what’s in the basement to see what I need to buy for this upcoming Fall/Winter.

Oh, and Chad and I store some clothes in Carlie’s large walk-in closet, so we need to figure out what to with those as well.

Okay, maybe this won’t be so easy.  But after dealing with the office I’m ready to move on to something else.  Although at least the office provided the coolness of the basement.  Next week I’ll be upstairs.  In 437 degree heat.  Ugh.

Have you done any decluttering lately?  What are your tips or tricks?  What success stories do you have to share?


2 responses

  1. omg, you just reminded me that i really need to clean our bar down in the basement too! But, i will say that even though we are for the most part – non-drinkers – we have your alcohol stash beat! The amount of alcohol we accumulated from the restaurant a few years ago is ridiculous! Good job on decluttering! Awesomesauce!

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