Two Question Tuesday: July 12th, 2011

I’m bringing back Two Question Tuesday again.  Primarily because I don’t have a “Homemade” post ready because I have a sick baby who has been needing a bit more attention lately.

(Poor thing, she has a 102+ fever and her bald little head is so hot I bet I could cook something on it.  But on the plus side she loves to snuggle and will even fall asleep on me, something she never does.)

Anyway, here we go.

1) What three things you regret not learning to do?

Probably first and foremost, learning to speak another language fluently.  Sure I took Spanish in high school, and even took an extra year and earned college credit for it.  But I was certainly never fluent.  Second, learning to play tennis better.  I loved that sport as a kid and wish I had put more effort into it.  Third, not learning how to drive a manual transmission.  Not that it’s at all necessary anymore, but I had always said I wanted to learn how to do that and I never did.

2) If someone were to ask you what your favorite book is, what’s the first one that pops into your mind? (Don’t answer with what you think someone wants to hear or what sounds cool or intellectual — be honest!)

While it’s not one specific book, the first that pops into my mind is the Earth’s Children series (Clan of the Cave Bear, Valley of Horses, etc.) by Jeal Auel.  The first four books were awesome.  The last two, not so much.  But the basic premise of the books explores how humans lived approximately 35,000 years ago.  It’s fiction of course, but based on the author’s extensive research.  I love thinking about how different things were way back then: how people interacted, how they cooked, how they communicated, how they lived, and how much people have evolved since then.  Sometimes I wonder if I should have studied anthropology (maybe I should have answered that to Question #1!).

Don’t get me wrong, I have a list of hundreds of books that I just love, but these were the first that came to mind.  I highly recommend them if you’ve never read them.  Again, the last two were only okay, but the first four were fantastic.

What about you?  What do you wish you had learned to do?  Or what is the first book that pops into your head when someone asks?


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