Operation Declutter Week 2: Refrigerator and Laundry Room

I admit, after completing Week 1 of Operation Declutter I lost a bit of momentum.  I did get the pantry finished on Thursday, but then I didn’t touch a thing until Monday.  As in two-days-ago Monday.

Now I will say I planned to tackle the fridge on Friday, but then we had a water main break and ended up under a boil order through Saturday late afternoon.

I took that as a sign to take it easy during my 4th of July weekend.

However on Monday I decided I had to get back into the swing and I kicked out the laundry/utility room.

It went from this…

…to this

It feels so good to have that room straightened out.  I didn’t have to throw too much away, just some old Dryel (remember that at-home dry cleaning kit?) that is like 8 years old and a few other miscellaneous things.  And I moved a few items to the basement.

But mostly I just reorganized and straightened.  And cleaned.  Because there was dryer lint all over the place.  Oh, and I added two bags — one to hold rags and one to hold clothes that have been sprayed with stain stuff and need laundering.  This keeps those items off the floor or the top of the washer.  Because if you put items on top of the washer they tend to fall behind it when it goes through the spin cycle.  And it is NOT easy to move that thing to get behind it.

Moving on, here are pictures of the other areas tackled.

The pantry went from this

To this

And the refrigerator/freezer went from this

…to this…

The pantry and the freezer don’t necessarily look less cluttered because both just have a whole bunch of stuff.  But I did get to go through each and reorganize a little bit better.  And the fridge looks a tad better, but the main difference in the fridge is that it’s CLEAN.  I wipe it down every now and then, but it got a good soapy bath this time.  I’m enjoying it while I can because I’m guessing it will last all of a few days, tops.

I’ve officially completed Week 2 of Operation Declutter.  I’m loving the progress I’ve made.

Oh crap.  I just looked up again what I scheduled for Week 3.  The office and finished part of the basement.  The basement will be fine, mostly decluttering behind our bar.  But the office….


That’s going to take some time and effort.  And brain power.  Of which I have very little to spare these days.  Wish me luck and pray for me please.

Have you done any decluttering lately?  What are your tips or tricks?  What success stories do you have to share?


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