Two Question Tuesday: July 5th, 2011

Something new I thought I’d try is random questions (and answers) about myself (thanks to Mandy at The Daily Dose for the idea).  And I want to get to know more about you all, so please, take a minute to leave your answers in the comment section!

1) Do you wake up easily in the morning or require coffee, exercise, or something else to get you going?

I wake up fairly easily, but I am definitely a coffee drinker.  I LOVE my coffee.  Even when I gave up caffiene for a while I drank decaf instead.  Excercise gets me going too, and I’ve started running again in the mornings before Chad leaves for work.

2) Do you feel younger or older than your current age?

This is harder.  I guess I just feel my age.  I’m only(?) 33.  I certainly don’t feel younger, I have three kids for goodness sake.  But I don’t feel older either.

But do you ever have those moments where you stop, look around, and sort of do an internal shake of the head and wonder who you are and whose life this is that you’re living?

It seems like just yesterday I was young and single (or at least not married), and we had all the freedom in the world to do what we wanted, go where we wanted, the worst of our financial concerns was whether we should put more into our 401(k) or our Roth IRA.

But I wouldn’t trade any of my life today, especially not those three toe-headed obnoxious miracles, for any of my old life.  There will come a day when I’ll wish for this stage of my life back.  So I’m trying to enjoy (almost) every minute of it while I can.

What about you?  Do you need something to get you going in the morning?  If so, what?  And do you feel your age, or younger or older?


3 responses

  1. 1). I am NOT a morning person and sometimes it takes the jaws of life to get me out of bed. Coffee is my salvation and I drink it every morning. Even a baby in belly couldn’t stop my caffeine addiction!

    2). I always feel younger, like I’m still 21 or 22 years old. When Jeff and I are making decisions regarding finances, the baby or just about life, I sometimes giggle because how can a kid make all of these important decisions? I don’ t know anything about life!

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