Food Waste Friday: More kitchen cleanout waste and potatoes

Part of saving money, especially when it comes to groceries and food, is to not waste the food that you do buy.  If you work hard to save money and purchase good, wholesome food for your family, then why would you want to throw it in the trash each week?

Now I’m not clever enough to have come up with Food Waste Friday on my own.  I’m participating along with some other great ladies, including Kristen, a.k.a The Frugal Girl.  Why don’t you join us and see how much money you can save by actually eating all the food you buy?

Last week I threw out some spices as part of Operation Declutter.  This week we had a few more casualties.

First I cleaned out the non-refrigerated condiment cabinet — where I keep my vinegars, soy sauce, Worcestershire, etc.  I found some hot sauces that I know are about as old as those spices — probably 8 to 10 years.  I’d normally try to use them, but they were all looking a little green (they were red at one point in time) so I decided that risking some sort of poisoning wasn’t worth it.

Since we recycle glass I decided to pour out the hot sauce before discarding the bottles into recycle.  Oh. My. Gosh.  The fumes that rose from the sink scoured my nasal passages.  I started coughing and almost even gagged.  Makes me glad I decided not to save them.

Oh yeah, I tossed some really old teriyaki sauce too.  It was also super old and I have a great teriyaki marinade I make myself.

Then I found some cooking sherry, which as we all know is really just a salted up, glorified vinegar solution.  I bought this ages ago before I appreciated cooking with real wine.  Or real sherry.

Which I actually have never done (cooked with real sherry, that is) because it’s expensive and I can’t justify buying something for an occasional use.  But I’m sure its delicious.  I think they use sherry in the peppercorn cream sauce at Piropo’s.  Mmmmm, Piropo’s.  I really want a big fat juicy steak right now.  With peppercorn cream sauce, of course.  I certainly wouldn’t waste any of that.

See?  I tied it all in.  Ha.

Then Thursday I cleaned out the pantry and found a few items worthy of discarding.  Now some items I found that I know we won’t eat were good enough to be donated to a food pantry, so I won’t show those.  But some of these were way past expiration, already opened, or just plain gross.

The yeast expired in like 2005.  I have no idea why that even made the move back in 2007.  The partial packet of taco seasoning was way in the back of the cabinet, the Slim Fast is from 2008 when I had my wisdom teeth pulled somewhere between Kid 1 and Kid 2.  The sunflower seeds were from a few years ago too.  I thought about seeing if I could use them in something but when I opened them and tasted them they had gone rancid.  Ick.

And finally, I had some “real” food waste.  Why I keep saving uneaten homemade fries is beyond me.  They never taste good reheated, they’re just dried out and gross.  I can eat a lot of random leftovers, this is one I just can’t do.

How about you?  How much food do you waste each week?  Join us in trying to create a food waste-free household!


9 responses

  1. I’ve got a tip for reheating fries. Preheat your toaster oven to 400. Make sure you don’t put the fries in until the toaster oven is COMPLETELY PREHEATED. Then put them in there on one layer until they are good and sizzly (3-5 minutes depending on how many you have). It works most of the time. If the fries were a little dry to begin with, you may want to toss in a little oil. Good luck!

  2. Oh, man! Mr makes a wicked (real) Sherry cream sauce sometimes that is out of this world. And enough for me to feel like the expense is worth it.

    I want some right now. Too bad he’s out of town.

    Excellent job on the waste front, though. Old sauces left in the cupboard from the Clinton administration don’t seem quite as wasteful as “real food”, somehow.

    • Wow, Sandi, the Clinton administration. That really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? And you’re right, if it’s essentially petrified it doesn’t count as actual food, right?

      • Uh…nope. I’m thinking it was still the Bush administration. The second one, even.

        And that’s why Canadians shouldn’t make jokes about American history.

        I still stand behind the intention of my comment though. And no, essentially petrified DOES NOT count as food.

      • I’m sorry, I wasn’t razzing on you. You were pretty much spot on. Clinton’s adminstration ended about 10 years ago. Hey, you know more about US history than I do about Canadian history. I admit, I’m one of those completely ignorant Americans who knows very little about other countries, especially our northern neighbors, and their history or culture. But I do know it’s Canada Day today! So Happy Canada Day! (Although admittedly I might not know this if the Prince William/Princess Catherine visit wasn’t all. over. the news.)

  3. Time to try sherry! Real sherry! I buy a 750ml bottle for less than $10 at Metcalf Discount Liquor and keep it in the fridge. It lasts for months. Several of the recipes from my cookbook contain it, so I definitely consider it worthy of my money. We actually had some in our leftovers lunch (Cheesy Spinach and Mushroom Noodle Bake)! It also is great for simple sauteed mushrooms — saute mushrooms in butter, add 1/4 cup sherry (to 1 lb shrooms), deglaze pan and continue to saute for 5 minutes or until liquid evaporates. YUM!!!

    PS– I may try your homestyle fries recipe to accompany my newest hamburger experiment…

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