Operation Declutter Week 1: Kitchen Cabinets

So as I began Operation Declutter I started to panic.  What in the world have I gotten myself into?  (Although this happened when I tackled our “junk” area.  Keep reading, you’ll understand why.)

But I have to say, as I started working on each piece I found myself enjoying it.  There is something satisfying about knowing every single thing in your home and that it’s something that you actually want or need.

And I don’t mean the fake, crazy need like the people on Hoarders who “need” like 10,000 dolls, half of which are missing eyes and the other half of which are missing a limb.  Seriously, those people do have problems.  Kinda sad really.

But I digress.

Anyway, as I started work on the kitchen it dawned on me that I have not formally rearranged or cleaned out my cabinets since we moved in four years ago.  I mean, sure I’ve purged some stuff and made room for new stuff (i.e. baby bowls, utensils, cups, etc.), but I haven’t taken the time to get things in a proper place.  You know how it is when you move in — you’re so anxious to get stuff out of boxes you just throw things wherever they fit.

Because you know, I haven’t been busy birthing and raising three babies since we moved in or anything….

The other goal I had was to not buy a single “organization” item.  I planned (and still plan throughout the rest of the house) to repurpose containers to keep things together.

So I won’t bore you with every single cabinet in my kitchen, but here are some of the ones that had the most improvement.

First up, the aforementioned “junk” area.  It started as a junk drawer and expanded over the years to the cabinet above and below.  And the counter in between.  Every single piece of random (pardon my mouth) crap managed to find its way to this area.

Horrid.  Ugh.  I cringe even showing it to you.  Both the mess and the quality of the picture.  It was a dark, rainy day when I took that.  Actually when I took all the Before pictures.  So my apologies in advance.

But I am very, very, VERY proud to show it to you now.

Ta da!

What’s that?  Yes, this is the same set of cabinets.  I promise.  I didn’t pull a switcheroo on you.

Notice all the free space on the countertop?  Well in the back is where my camera will go.  That way it’s easily accessible but out of reach of grubby little hands.

And the sour cream container contains the girls hairbands, clips and other hair stuff.  I despise it when they pull their ponytails out and just drop the rubberband on the floor.  Not only does it get dirty and likely thrown away, but now that the baby is more mobile she can easily pick them up.  And whatever she picks up will go in her mouth.  And I love that stinker too much to have her choke on a rubber band.

Here is a close up of the top cabinet.

It’s not necessarily minimalist, but it’s organized.  Nothing falls out when you open the door.  The basket contains office supplies, like post-it notes, scissors, etc.  I wanted the scissors out of reach since my older two girls can reach in the drawer pretty easily.

Junk drawer.

Why the huge folder in the drawer?  Well, first, that folder now holds all coupons I do use (and you know I don’t use many), eating out coupons, kids toy and other miscellaneous manuals, plus a few other random things.  Second, I thought if I take up most of the room in the drawer with the folder, Chad I will be less likely to toss junk on top of it.  We’ll see how that works out.

And the bottom cabinet.

There were so many things in this bottom cabinet that we never use (and I didn’t even know we still had) that I can’t believe I didn’t tackle this out ages ago.  But what I love about this cabinet now is it has room in case we end up needing space for something else.

Here are a few other cabinets.  I didn’t necessarily throw out much, but I rearranged and reorganized so that more like items were together or I made items I use more often more accessible.




So now I’ve completed Week 1 of Operation Declutter.  It feels so good to have finished what I set out to do, and to feel like my kitchen is a bit more organized.  I’m actually somewhat looking forward to Week 2 where I will finish the kitchen by tackling the pantry, the fridge/freezer, and utility (wash) room.

Have you ever done a major organizational overhaul on your kitchen?  What tips do you have for getting your kitchen in order?


5 responses

    • I tackled it about an hour at a time while the little girls were napping. I’d flip on a TV show for Carlie and tell myself I’d work for just 15 minutes, then it would turn into about an hour. And publishing it out here helps motivate you too — don’t want to look like slacker. 😉

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