Menu Plan 6/25 to 7/1

Every Thursday I plan to share what our meal plan is for the upcoming week.  Meal planning is one of the easiest, most controllable things you can do for your family to save money and eat healthier.  

As always:

I typically shop on Thursday or Friday because that is when our local stores typically start their “special sales”.  That and I don’t like shopping on the weekends because a) the stores are more crowded and b) we’re usually pretty busy on the weekends and I hate taking time away from family time for grocery shopping. 

My meal plan goes from Saturday through Friday.  We typically eat out once a week, usually on Fridays, although we might change that up a bit to take advantage of kids eat cheap/free nights on the other days of the week.

For lunch the girls usually eat either tuna fish, hot dogs, peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, or quesadillas, along with fruit, mac & cheese, yogurt, or some other quick and easy sides.  Chad usually takes leftovers as his lunch to work.   I usually have leftovers if they need to be eaten up, or will eat whatever the girls are eating.

So here is what is on the agenda for us this week. I try to serve veggies with every meal, so I won’t repeat that for each day.

Saturday:  Spaghetti

Sunday:  Steak Kabobs & buttered potatoes

Monday:  Sour cream pork chops.  Yes, I bumped it AGAIN.  We ended up eating leftovers last Monday.

Tuesday PW’s Taco Pizza.  Yes, we did just have this last week.  It was that good.

Wednesday:  Southwest Stuffed Chicken, Spanish Rice

Thursday:  Breakfast for Dinner

Friday:  Not sure yet.  Chad’s playing in a golf tournament so we may eat with my mother-in-law or just the girls at home.  Which means it would be something simple, maybe even just sandwiches.

On the shopping list for this week: 

My goal is to spend under $100 each week on groceries.  I also want to track what percent of my budget I’m spending on what items.  Right now my major categories will be Fruit/Veggie, Meat, Dairy, and Other.  This week the totals are:

  • Fruit/Veggie 34%
  • Meat 15%
  • Dairy 6%
  • Other 45% — 9% spices/condiments, 27% on bread/grains/cereal/pasta

On Wednesday I hit the Olathe Farmers Market and picked up some zucchini and yellow squash, tomatoes and one head of broccoli. 

I’m really excited to have the broccoli, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten fresh, local, homegrown broccoli. 

Wait a second, did I just say I’m excited about eating broccoli?  Sheesh.  But yes, I actually am.  *Sigh.*

So to fill the menu I plan to visit both Price Chopper and HyVee.  PC has peaches and plums for $.98/lb and cantaloupe for $1.48.  They also have sirloin steaks for $2.88.  I hope to get the smallest family pack they have, aiming for 2.5 lbs or less, using half for the kabobs and freeze half. 

They’re also having a breakfast sale and have Cheerios for $1.69 and since the baby eats them now I’ll grab a few boxes.  And eggs are only $.79, so I’ll get a couple dozen.  Then I just have to pick up some spices and vinegar I’m out of.

The main reason for even going to HyVee is that Raisin Bran is on sale for $1.48 per box.  Woo hoo!  So I’ll get like 8 boxes, that should last me to the next sale. 

HyVee also has grapes and apples for $.99/lb and mushrooms and baby carrots for $.99 per package.  Prego sauce is on sale for $.99/jar, that’s our favorite “packaged” spaghetti sauce.  Then they have some of their HyVee brand items on sale so I’ll pick up some boxed mac & cheese and peanut butter to donate to church for the Catholic Charities food pantry.

With the $7 I spent at the farmer’s market I expect my total to be around $75, which helps make up for the $125 I spent last week

So what’s on your menu for the next week?


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