Operation Declutter: The Urge to Purge

Sometimes I have to laugh at how the universe can speak so clearly to you.  Lately I’ve been having these urges to clean out cabinets/drawers/closets and start cleaning up and decluttering our house.

No, this is not “nesting”.  I’m not pregnant.  I promise.

Last week I was getting so frustated with things falling out of my cup cupboard in the kitchen.  I warned Chad on Sunday night “I have the urge…the urge to purge!”

(You have to say that Top Gun-style.  You know, “I feel the need…the need for speed!”.  It sounds much cooler and much less dorky that way.  Or maybe much dorkier and less cool.  Whatever.)

Then Monday morning I checked in on one of my favorite blogs, The Frugal Girl, and in one of her Monday questions post she covered the topic of doing a deep decluttering (not just countertops, but going into cabinets and closets).

Then, as if those two instances weren’t enough, I run across a Hoarders marathon on TLC all day and evening on Monday.

Jeez louise.  Okay, okay, I get it.  I need to declutter my house. 

Actually, the Hoarders shows disgusted me so much I was ready to begin right there.  And I sorta did.  I ended up cleaning out the cupboard with the falling cups.  And now there is sooooo much more space.  And I LOVE it. 

No “before” picture, just an “after”.  Not exactly Better Homes & Gardens, but it’s clean, it’s decluttered, and it works for us!

So I’m going to put myself on a mission for this summer.  Every week I’m going to tackle a new room/area of the house to declutter. 

I will definitely try to save items that are useable to either store or donate, but the main goal is to get it out of my house.  I did clean up our storage part of our basement a month or so ago and I don’t want it to return to the cluttered, messy state it was in before then.

Here is my tentative schedule, and I hope to complete each before Wednesday of each week and I will post about my progress and hopefully have some before and after pictures for you.

Week 1: Kitchen, focusing primarily on the cabinets. Everything is in the spot I put it in when we moved in four years ago, and I think it’s time for some rearranging.  Plus I need to find some spots for my camera equipment and I need to organize how I store the coupons I do use, miscellaneous receipts and things of that sort.

Week 2: Kitchen again (it’s a big job), focusing primarily on cleaning out the pantry and refrigerator.  I’ll also try to tackle the laundry room during this week as our laundry is just off the kitchen.

Week 3: Basement/Office.  The basement itself doesn’t have much, but our office is under the stairs and is a train. wreck.  It needs a lot of organizing, and I did it about a year ago but it’s gotten out of hand.  Again.

Week 4: The girls’ bedrooms, including their bathrooms and closets.  This shouldn’t be too bad.  I think.

Week 5: Master Bedroom, including the closet, linen closet, bathroom and we’ll throw the hallway linen closet in here too, since I’m sure I’ll be doing some swapping between our Master Bath closet and the hallway closet.

Week 6: Living Room/Dining Room/Family Room.  This won’t be hard, we just recently did a toy cleanup in the Family Room, and we don’t have much in the Living Room or Dining Room except fine china storage.  But I’ll do the hallway closet this week too, that one might be a doozy.

Week 7: Basement storage area.  Now I know I said I just cleaned this, and I did, but with the cleanup of the other areas I’m sure I’ll need to do some rearranging.  Plus I want to start getting rid of baby and maternity clothes I have sitting down there that we don’t need.  Consignment sales will be coming up in late August/September so I might as well get started now.

I think I can complete this all in just these 7 weeks.  However if I get behind I still have an extra week until school starts and I consider summer to be officially over.

Do you want to join me in Operation: Declutter?  If not, I suggest finding another Hoarders marathon.  That’ll get you motivated real quick.


2 responses

  1. Hi! I came over from Kristen’s blog. Great job! I need to do the same thing with my cup cabinet! I love your decluttering plan, too! I need to do all the same stuff, I just don’t know that I can move that fast. I’ll come back for inspiration! And I think I might need to check out that Hoarders show.

    • Hi Elizabeth! I saw your post, great work on getting your island decluttered! Mine looks like that more often than I care to admit. And yes, watch Hoarders, it’s an amazing motivator!!! 🙂

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