St. Louis Trip Day 2: Butterfly House, Carousel, and Park

As I mentioned yesterday we were in St. Louis all last week visiting my family.  On our second day we checked out a place that didn’t exist (at least not in it’s current form) when I was a kid. 

Faust Park, off of Olive just north of Hwy 40, is home to a cool little attraction, The Butterfly House.  It’s fairly inexpensive, $6 for adults, $4 for kids over 2, and free for under 2.  And if you’re with old people those of a more senior age, they are just $5.  Oh, and we had some Buy One Get One free coupons from the St. Louis Entertainment book.  So for my two parents (senior price), my sister and I, and Carlie it only cost $15 to get in.

Inside the house is pretty cool.  There is a gift shop (when is there not a gift shop?), and a few displays with various types of live beetles, spiders and other creepy-crawly creatures.  I didn’t look to closely at those because even though they’re in these thick glass blocks they still gave me the willies.

They also feature a 17 minute movie about the life of a butterfly, but we chose not to watch it given my kids’ collective attention span is only like 4 minutes.

Then there is the best part — the butterfly atrium.  You walk in a set of doors into a holding area.  Once the doors behind you are closed, they open the doors in front of you and you walk into a greenhouse-type environment.  Yeah, maybe not the best place to visit when it’s already 95 degrees with 80 percent humidity outside.

Anyway, once you walk in you are instantly surrounded by hundreds of butterflies. 

It’s really super cool.

Butterflies of all sizes and colors.

I will say that after experiencing the cicada outbreak St. Louis has been going through my first instinct was to bat them away.  But I found quickly the butterflies don’t “attack” anyone at all.  They just fly around you, minding their own business.

You do have to be careful not to step on any.  There are signs posted all around reminding you of that.  And reminding you not to touch, which are pretty hard instructions for a four year old who loves bugs to follow.

Then when you exit you again go through one set of doors where you wait while they check to make sure no butterflies try to hitchhike out of there on your back.

Outside they have this huge concrete caterpillar the kids can climb on.

And an enormous butterfly sculpture.

So after the butterfly experience we meandered next door visit an old 1920’s carousel, completely restored.  The girls love carousels.  Me, not so much.  I’m a total weenie.  Going in circles makes me nauseous.  And this carousel went fast.  The rides were only $1 each (and we had another BOGO coupon), so my sister and mom took Carlie and Maddie.

And after the Butterfly House and the carousel we had enough time to play on the playground for a bit.

Another fun day, with 2 of the 3 kiddos conking out on the way home and taking nice, long afternoon naps.

Next up — Day 3.  Taking it easy and playing in the backyard in the pool, plus making a cake for daddy’s birthday.


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