St. Louis Trip Day 1: Kirkwood Pool

I love St. Louis.  And yes, I’m biased since I grew up there, but it’s such an amazing town with so many cool things to do.  When the kids and I headed there last week to give me a sanity break visit my parents and sister & brother-in-law we did a lot of great things that not only the kids enjoyed but the adults as well.

To take advantage(?) of the 98 degree weather, we spent our first full day at Kirkwood pool.  But this isn’t any ordinary pool.  It’s essentially a mini-water park.  And it was awesome for the little kids.  There were two zero-entry shallow pools for the kids, one of which had a playground/slide that I think Carlie slid down about 57 times. 

We even got Maddie to go down once.  Even though she’s smiling, she didn’t want to go again.  Weenie.

But that was okay, she had lots of fun just playing around in the pool.

They also have a lazy river with inner tubes with bottoms in them for the little kids to sit in and enjoy the ride.

We decided to have a little fun with Lizzie too.  We dunked her under a few times, just to see what she’d do.  She didn’t cry.  But she didn’t seem too happy about it either. 

But she enjoyed sitting in the zero entry and splashing around.  We wore her out pretty good, she couldn’t keep her eyes open and fell asleep in Grandpa’s lap just before we left.

I just love a chubby baby in a swimsuit!  Don’t you want to just take a big bite out of those adorable thighs?

Anyway, both of her big sisters fell asleep as soon as we got home as well.  We were all tuckered out from a fun day in the sun.  A great end to a great day.

Day 1 of our trip to St. Louis = success!

Next up:  Day 2.  Butterfly House, carousel and playground at Faust Park!


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