Food Waste Friday: First Week

Part of saving money, especially when it comes to groceries and food, is to not waste the food that you do buy.  If you work hard to save money and purchase good, wholesome food for your family, then why would you want to throw it in the trash each week?

Now I’m not clever enough to have come up with Food Waste Friday on my own.  I’m participating along with some other great ladies, including Kristen, a.k.a The Frugal Girl.  Why don’t you join us and see how much money you can save by actually eating all the food you buy?

We’re not very wasteful people anyway, but after reading Kristen’s blog and hearing about others’ adventures in food waste (or lack thereof) I was curious on how much food we’re throwing out each week.  So I decided to start participating to help keep me accountable.

So here we are.  Week 1.  And I am very, very proud to say we have no food waste this week. 




Now I’m not totally surprised because I plan hard each week to make sure we only buy what we need.  Between Chad and I we always eat up all our leftovers.  The girls will devour every piece of fruit we have.  And if we have veggies we haven’t eaten yet, they get bumped up on the priority list and get eaten at the next meal.

So since I don’t have a picture of what we wasted, here is a picture of my fridge. 

It’s not super-clean, and it’s not even well organized.  But I know what’s in it and I know what needs to be eaten up.  I have some cooked chicken I need to freeze for another use.  A few chipotle peppers in adobo sauce from the Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork that I either need to use or freeze.  And my homemade enchilada sauce that I plan to use next week.

And here is my veggie drawer.  We’ll eat these this weekend. 

And I have no pictures of  my fruit drawer or my counter because there is nothing there! 

Now you should know that having zero waste for Food Waste Friday doesn’t mean we never throw any food away.  If the girls don’t finish their meal on their plates and Chad and I don’t want to finish it off, some of that might get thrown out.  Or if they spill food on the floor (and sometimes I wonder if they get more on the floor than they do in their mouths) that gets thrown out of course.

But we didn’t chuck any uneaten leftovers.  We didn’t throw out any bad fruit or veggies.  And I consider that a success.

How about you?  How much food do you waste each week?  Join me in trying to create a food waste-free household!


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  1. I can NOT stand to waste food. It drives me bonkers. We don’t waste food around here. I plan, plan, plan so all of the food in our frig is accounted for and I usually end up eating any leeftovers. Although we rarely have leftovers. I love the pic of your frig. 🙂

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