Relief for Joplin, MO

******We interrupt your regular blog for this important information.********

Some of you know that I am a Cookie Lee Jewelry consultant.  Some of you don’t.  When I started this blog I made the decision I wasn’t going to post about my business or use my blog to promote the jewelry.

But for today I’m changing my mind.

Because I want to do something to raise money for Joplin relief efforts. 

As most of you know the city of Joplin, Missouri was hit by an E4 tornado on Sunday afternoon.  Two of my brother-in-laws have family there as do many of my friends.  So far thank goodness everyone is okay.  But others are not okay and are needing help.

I’m holding a mini-fundraiser to support Joplin relief efforts.  So from now through Monday, May 30th, you can choose one item at 50% off for each donation of $5 you make toward Joplin tornado relief.  That’s my cost, so I will not be making any money off this. 

100% of the donations will be given to Heart of Missouri United Way Joplin Relief Fund which is also donating 100% of donations to the fund (not taking any out for overhead). 

Want to donate $10?  Get 2 items 50% off.  $25?  Five items 50% off.  It’s that simple.

You can view the full catalog on my website at  Send me an email (ltdinks at gmail dot com) with how much you want to donate and which items you want to purchase.  I’ll send you your total and you can either mail me a check or pay with credit card. 

Remember, this is only good through Monday, May 30th. 

******Now back to your regularly scheduled blog.  Stay tuned for more blabbing tomorrow on Living the Dream!******


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