Snack suggestions

As I mentioned the other day in my post about girls and body image I’m back on the exercising bandwagon and am trying to get back in shape and shed some of my leftover baby weight.

It used to be that working out was my nemisis.  I hated it.  Watching what I ate was easy, but try to get me to work out?  Ha.  I’d rather go have my teeth pulled without any novicane.

But lately things have changed.  I enjoy working out.  Maybe it’s because I stay home now and I can work out almost any time of day.  When I worked outside the home full-time I pretty much only had before work or after the kids were in bed to get any workout in.  So either I wasn’t awake or was too tired to get moving.

That and I’ve been varying it up a bit.  Running one day.  Wii Fit another.  Tae-Bo another.  (Yes, I have the old VCR tape of Billy Blanks doing Tae-Bo.  Laugh all you want, but it’s still a great workout.)  And I just got Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred from the library the other day.  Since I only get to keep it for 3 weeks it will be the 21-day shred for me.

Anyhoo, working out is kinda fun.  But now I struggle with my eating. 

Meal time is no problem.  I eat fairly healthy, usually include fruit and/or veggies.  I just can’t come up with good snacks to eat! 

I feel like I go to the same things during the afternoon.  A bowl of oatmeal with honey, cinnamon and Craisins.  Yogurt.  Carrots and hummus.  Chips and salsa.  Okay, the chips aren’t super healthy but the salsa is great.  I try to keep a heavier ratio of salsa to chips.  (Key word there is try.)

But I’m bored of the same ol’ snacks.  And when I get bored I end up grabbing the peanut butter and scooping it right out of the jar. 

Maybe with a dip into the jelly before heaving it into my mouth. 


And at night.  Oh my.  Let’s just say I may need to increase my weekly food budget to support my Nutella habit.  That stuff is crack, yo.

Okay, so I know all of you out there have some “go to” snacks that you want to share with me.  I need things that are filling, relatively low in calories and fat, non-processed and of course delicious! 

Oh, and something easy to grab that doesn’t take much prep.  Because by the time I get hungry for a snack I want it NOW. 

And please don’t just tell me fruit or veggies.  I know that.  I know it’s easy to grab an apple or banana or whatever.  But that’s boring.  My mouth wants something more interesting than that.

Not that I’m picky about what I want you to share or anything.  Sheesh, LeeAnn.

So please de-lurk yourselves and share with me some snack ideas.  This momma needs help!

Love y’all.


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  1. almonds, greek yogurt (fage) with strawberries, try Special K sea salt chips, things that are low in sodium and natural…apples with peanut butter, air popped popcorn, I need to keep thinking!

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