The Many Faces of Mom

I don’t normally post on Sundays, but in honor of Mother’s Day I did want to share something for all you moms, stepmoms, grandmas and “like-a-moms” out there.  Moms are amazing creatures that seem to develop unique talents when a little one enters their lives.  Here is a reflection on some of the many titles a woman takes on in addition to “mom”.

Multi-tasker Extraordinaire

Moms can be cooking dinner, feeding a baby, and putting together a puzzle with a child all while having 2 loads of laundry going, talking on the phone to her best friend/mom/financial advisor/therapist and getting ready to head out the door to pick up kids from school.  I think our brains are made to be able to carry out many separate, unrelated activities at one time.  Can your husband do that?  I know mine can’t. (Not meaning to throw you under the bus honey.  You have many other talents I can’t even come close to matching.  Love you.)

Functioning Zombie

Moms have the ability to function like a half-way normal human being after only getting a few broken hours of sleep.  And to do this for four months straight.  The house will be relatively clean (or at least picked up), laundry will be done, dinner cooked, and kids taken care of.  She may have chugged 2 pots of coffee to get it all done, but by golly, she’ll get it done.  This title goes hand-in-hand with Multi-tasker Extraordinaire.  Again, this is something most men I know can’t do.  (Sorry again honey.)


Moms are fluent in toddler talk.  Have you ever been with a little kid, usually somewhere between 1 1/2 to 3 years of age, and they tell you something that seems to be really important (to them), but you have absolutely no idea what they said?  But yet the child’s mom can take that minute long babble chatter of “Me git to by bleak bam too but gaff see me pow dum?” into “Oh, she wants to know if you’ll hold her hand while crossing the street.”  What?  She got that from that?  Yes she did.  And she was right.

Miracle Healer

Kids fall down.  A lot.  And get hurt.  A lot.  But take a look at the ratio of boo boo’s to doctor/hospital visits.  Pretty low, right?  That’s because moms have a special medicine held inside their lips that can miraculously make any ouchie feel better instantly.  All it takes is a specially placed kiss right near the injured area.  It takes the pain away and makes the tears stop.  Pretty cool, huh?


Moms have an uncanny ability to know what their kids are doing even when they can’t see them.  Especially when they’re doing something wrong.  We know when they’re reaching for the extra cookie we told them they couldn’t have.  We know when they’re walking around their bedroom playing when they’re supposed to be napping.  We somehow feel it in our bones when they get hurt, even if we didn’t see it happen.  While moms may not physically have eyes in the backs of their heads, they still manage to have a grasp on everything going on around them all at once. 

So from my entire family to all you moms (and stepmoms and grandmas and aunts and “like-a-mom”s) out there, we wish you a wonderful and blessed Mother’s Day!



Maddie (with eyeshadow on her lips and cheese on her chin)

and Lizzie.

I am one super-proud mom.


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