A moment on the lips…

Last week at Whole Foods I was looking over all the yogurt selections, and was looking in particular at a brand that was on sale.  As I was standing there a man walks up, sees me staring at the brand and casually mentions what a great brand of yogurt it is.  We chat for a few minutes about the various flavors, then he walks off to the back room. 

At the time I thought he might be an employee of Whole Foods.  Now I’m wondering if he was a distributor for the yogurt.  You’ll see why below.

I tried the yogurt.  He was right.  It is delicious.  It is creamy, smooth, with just the right amount of sweetness.  It’s like eating dessert for a snack. 

In more ways than one, I was about to find out.

I turned the cup around to check out the nutritional content.  Something I should have done before buying it. 

12 grams of fat and 270 calories per 6 oz cup. 


No wonder it tastes so good.  First ingredient — Whole Milk.  Yeah.

I do love yogurt (although since my stint in giving it up for Lent I don’t crave it as much), and it has a lot of great nutritional value.  However I do draw the line at 12 grams of fat and 270 calories.  I can get all the same health benefits with much less fat and calories from other brands like Stonyfield or Cascade Fresh.

So the reason I think he might have been a distributor because everyone knows you don’t recommend a high fat, high calorie yogurt to a woman.  Chances are she’s watching her weight on some level, and won’t be interested in that one, not when there are other lower calorie options available that are just as healthy and delicious.  Sheesh. 

So I guess is he was promoting his product to me.  Well, Mr. Sneaky Yogurt Distributor, it worked.  Now I have to run an extra two miles to run that creamy deliciousness off my hips.

Needless to say this yogurt will be  special treat, not something I’ll be consuming on a regular basis.

And besides, this summer I plan to make my own homemade yogurt like I did last year.  It’s so yummy and so much cheaper than buying it from the store.  And tastes great over the fresh fruits of summer.

But I did enjoy this cup while it lasted.  And the second one I already consumed as well. 

Make that four miles.


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