Poignant moments

Sunday morning after church Chad and the girls sat down and watched some home videos of the girls when they were little.

Quit laughing.  I know my girls are still little.  But I mean really little.  As in Carlie is only 16 months and I’m still pregnant with Maddie.  Looking at that chubby little toddler waddling around in her diaper and t-shirt with her blonde mullet-curls hanging down her neck makes me giggle.

I love watching her hiding behind the arm of the couch and come running out shouting “Peek-A-Boo!”.  Reminds me of today when she hides as I come down the stairs and then sneaks up behind me yelling “Surprise!”

I love watching her dad encourage her to say “Mmmmmmm, broccoli!”, the phrase she was famous for as a toddler.  (Maybe that’s why she loves vegetables so much.)

I love watching her interact with our old dog, Maizie, throwing her toys and laughing that wonderful toddler belly laugh as Maizie accidentally knocks her over.

I love seeing all her rolls (and she had LOTS of ’em) as she sits in the bathtub.  And toots.  (A note to Teenager Carlie: Please forgive me for airing these adorable but I’m sure you’ll think mortifyingly embarrassing details of your youth.  Love, Mom)

I love watching her see her baby sister Maddie for the first time and immediately give her a kiss on the head.

I look into her little face and I see resemblances of both her sisters. 

I see the way she moves, turns her head, holds her hand up, and am amazed at how she makes those same exact movements today.  Oh, and how she bossed everyone around even back then.

But mostly I see her sweet, shining, angelic face.  And I want to reverse time so I can go back to that little 16 month old, 18 month old, two-year old and just kiss her and hug her and love on her all over again.  Because I feel like I didn’t get to do it enough back then.

Excuse me, I’m off to go give my almost-four-year old a big squeeze and kiss.  While she’ll still let me.

P.S. This post would have been better if I had inserted pictures of her when she was little.  But those are all the way downstairs on my super-slow desktop and I’m too lazy to go get them.  I’ll share them some other time.  Maybe.


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