Cheese, glorious cheese!

So as I’ve mentioned again, and again, and again, I gave up cheese and yogurt for Lent this year.  It started because I was concerned Lizzie’s milk intolerance expanded to all dairy, not just straight milk.  So Iwas going to give up all dairy.  Turns out the intolerance is only straight milk.


Because giving up all dairy would be hard.  Very hard.  Impossibly hard.  Because so many products (bread, for example) contain dairy. 

And butter.  Oh butter.  How could I ever give up butter?  And don’t you dare say margarine.  Ick.  Ew.  Gross.

Or sour cream.  Mmm, especially the new brand of organic sour cream that I found at Whole Foods which is AMAZINGLY wonderful.

And I wonder why I can’t lose the last pounds of baby weight.

I do have friends who have given up all dairy either for a child’s milk intolerance or for health reasons.  My hats off to them.  They are much stronger than I am.

So I’ve been “allowed” to eat cheese and yogurt now since Sunday.  With Easter on Sunday I had cheese in the potatoes and the casserole we had for dinner.  Then Monday we had a crock pot meal with cream cheese.  And Tuesday was soup with cheese sprinkled on top. 

But Wednesday was the day I first had real cheese.  I even had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.  And you know what?

It was just okay.

And I had a bite of Maddie’s yogurt that she ate for snack.  And it was just okay too.

I’ve heard that cheese and other dairy products, like other foods such as sugar, can be addicting.  Perhaps they are. 

And while I’m not going to cut cheese out of my diet entirely again (Chad would kill me, he missed all the meals we make with cheese in them), I can see myself choosing not to add cheese to my meal or eating it for a snack.

I think the harder part will be remembering that I don’t care for cheese as much anymore.  After years and years of thinking “everything is better with cheese” I’ll have to, in a sense, reprogram my brain.

I know, I’m so weird, right?

Have you ever had an experience where you’ve cut a food from your life and don’t really miss it?