What’s in a name?

In case you haven’t heard, I’m *kinda* a big deal. 


Well, maybe not completely yet, but so far I’m loving this blogging thing and I’d like to think its going pretty well.

However, I admit I’m not totally married to the name.  I like “Living the Dream”, but it never felt quite right.  I settled on it because I was really, really itching to get started with blogging and didn’t want the name to hold me up.  I had all these ideas just flooding my brain and I had to get them out before my head burst.

How’s that for a visual?

Since creativity was never my strong suit, I need your alls help.  And despite what you might think based on that last sentence, I don’t mean with proper grammer. 

I think by now you’ve gotten the general idea of what my blog is about.  Cooking.  Healthy Eating.  Kids.  All on a budget.

So I’m asking you for your help in coming up with a name.  Throw all your ideas out there. 

Just please keep it clean.  This is a (fairly) family-friendly blog.

I do ask that you leave your suggestions in the blog comments section, not on my personal Facebook page.  Once I settle on a name I’ll set up a blog Facebook account. 

Will there be a prize for the winner?  Of course!  The prize is that you get to brag that you came up with the name for my blog!  Won’t that make you feel special?

Okay, sorry there won’t be a physical prize yet because right now I don’t make any money off of blogging.  Once (if?) I ever make money or get freebies by doing this then you all will get prizes.  So help me get to that point with a great name.  And by visiting my blog every day.  And sharing it with your friends.

You all rock.  I know you’ll come thru for me. 


P.S.  My legal mumbo- jumbo: I reserve the right to change your idea, embellish it, mush it together with another idea, or pretty much do whatever I want with it.  🙂  Much love!


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