Are you part of the food revolution?

I have been addicted to watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.  I watched the entire first season filmed in Huntington, West VA and was amazed and appalled by what I saw.  Now that we’re full-swing into season two in Los Angeles, I’m getting myself all revved up all over again and am itching to get out there and help make a change.

But how?  Can you just see me standing outside a school cafeteria with a picket sign?  Or walk the streets dressed like a tomato like Jamie did? 

Umm, no.  I prefer to hide behind my computer, thank you very much.

But here is Jamie dressed like a tomato.  You have to get through 60 seconds of commercial, then fast forward to about minute 3 to see Jamie as a tomato.  I tried to upload the video but I think ABC has it protected.

So in the meantime here’ a picture of a tomato.  

But while I jest, that’s actually not too far from the mark.  That’s part of what this blog is trying to accomplish.  To share what my family does in hopes that it will influence others to want to make a change as well.  After all, don’t they say “Change begins at home”?

(Who are this mysterious “they”, anyway?  I’d love to meet them someday, they seem to know an awful lot.)

In fact, I’d say that watching that show helped push me harder down my path of choosing better food to feed my family.  If I can educate my children on how to make good food choices then I’m helping create a generation who will live longer than the previous one.

One of those ways is to make better choices about going out to eat. 

Now I have to give lots of credit to my parents.  Growing up we didn’t eat out a lot.  At least not as much as many families today do.  Going out to eat, especially to fast food, was a “treat”. 

My mom cooked most of our meals and we always had a variety of things to eat at home.  We had a vegetable with dinner every night.  We always had fruit to choose from for snacks.  As we got older my mom enlisted help from my sister and I to begin cooking dinner before she got home from work.  And I’m grateful to her (thanks, Mom!) for doing so because I think that is part of the reason I love to cook today.

Do we eat fast food?  Sure, every once in a while.  But honestly I don’t know if there is anything on the McDonald’s menu I even like.  Okay, the fries (who doesn’t?).  And their premium coffee is pretty good.  My kids know what McDonald’s is, but more because of the playground inside, not because of the food.

And we do go out to eat about once a week.  But rarely fast food.  And I know we don’t always make healthy choices when go out, but that is something I’d like to focus on going forward.  Except for next Friday.  Because I will have nachos at Jose Peppers.  Since I can have cheese again with Lent being over.  Mmmm, cheese.

I know the excuses.  “Our family is so busy, we’re constantly running from here to there and I don’t have time to make a meal.  Eating out is just easier.”

I call shenanigans!

That’s what meal planning is all about.  Take 15 minutes before you hit the grocery store to determine what you want to eat for the week.  Make meals ahead of time to reheat during the week.  Store the meals as individual servings so all you have to do is take the meal out, heat it for a few minutes and eat.  Make something in the crock pot and everyone can serve themselves as they get home. 

Don’t tell me that’s not just as easy as pulling through the drive-thru.

I know I’m very grateful to my mom for cooking at home and encouraging me to learn to cook myself. 

Why don’t you make your kids grateful to you?


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