So we know *I’m* not Anne Geddes, but maybe someone else is.

When I wrote about my new love of photography, I also mentioned that if photgraphy isn’t your gig, that there are other ways to get great pics of your family without having to spend a fortune.

One of those ways is to find someone who is just starting out.  In our experience a new person trying to build a reputation will be fairly inexpensive, like around $50 or $100 for about an hour of time.  They will likely not provide prints but will give you a CD with all your retouched images and the rights to print them yourself.  We’ve ended up with anywhere from 40 to 100 pictures during a session.  Pretty darn good for just an hour of time!

How do you find someone like this, you say?  Ask around.  

We found a great photographer when I casually asked a friend who had a photography hobby if she knew anyone who might be interested in taking some pictures of us.  As it turns out, she did!  She had decided to start her own business and we were privileged to be among her first clients.

You could mention your request on Facebook or Twitter. 

Spread the word at your church or at your kid’s school.  There’s bound to be a mom (or two or twenty) who take pictures to make some extra money for their family.

With the increasing affordability of higher-quality cameras and photo-editing software, more and more people are delving into photography and trying to make a name for themselves.  If you’re lucky you can catch a rising star on their way up.

Do you use a local on-site photographer for your family?  How did you find him or her?


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