What do you leave in your spring spheres…wait, what?

I saw an article the other day that mentioned how some government organizations are removing the word Easter from Easter egg hunts that are being held in city parks.  Now I’m not mentioning this to start controversy about church vs. state.  I’m really not.  I brought it up because instead of Easter eggs, one school was using the term “spring spheres”. 

Um, what? 

No seriously, what? 

Okay, let me address the first glaring issue with this.  First, eggs are NOT spheres.  Spheres are round bodies whose surface is at all points equidistant from the center.  No, I don’t remember that from high school geometry.  I’m not that smart.  Thank dictionary.com.   But I do know eggs are NOT spheres.

Second, why even rename the egg at all?  Can’t you just leave it as egg?  Call it a spring egg hunt?  Are eggs now a religious symbol?  I thought they were just food.  Seriously people.


Anyway, Easter is fast approaching, and while we stress that all Christian holidays are first and foremost about Jesus, we do have fun with the secular side of the holiday as well.

One thing the girls are loving about Easter this year is the eggs.  Oh, the eggs.  I made the mistake of pulling out the plastic Easter eggs a week ago, and ever since then those things have littered my home and my yard.  Sigh. 

Carlie’s new favorite game is to hide the eggs and have someone go find them.  Or more accurately, to hide them and then lead the finder to where they are.  Especially when she plays with Maddie, which is fine, because I don’t think Maddie has a clue how to look for the eggs on her own yet.

This is Carlie at the church Easter egg hunt.  It’s the only good picture we have.  Chad didn’t realize I had left the camera on the Aperture setting instead of Auto and the shutter speed was too low for the indoor pics.  So all the pictures except this one are blurry.  Oops.

So when the Easter bunny comes to visit this weekend we need to figure out what he’s going to leave inside them.  Yes, we will leave some candy.  We’re not totally heartless.  But we don’t want to give too much because

1) we don’t want to create and encourage habits of overindulging in sweets

2) the typical Easter candy doesn’t exactly fit in with our focus on eliminating artificial colors, flavors and preservatives

3) I’m cheap and don’t want to spend a ton of money on stuff they don’t need (even organic or naturally flavored candies)


4) they just don’t darned stinkin’ need it! 

And mine are all still so little that they don’t have any preconceived notions on what they should or should not get.  And they don’t have enough friends yet to compare what they get to others.

So what will we leave in the eggs?  As I said before, we’ll leave some candy.  A few jellybeans and some M&Ms. 

I plan to find some stickers as well, maybe find some cute Easter ones, and we’ll cut them up and put them in the eggs. 

And maybe some raisins or craisins.

We’ll probably also put some coins in a few.  Carlie has really been into money lately and loves loves telling us what the coins are and loves putting them in the bank.  And since Carlie loves it, Maddie loves it too.  We call the two of them “Monkey See” and “Monkey Do”.  (Don’t you just love sisters?  They make me smile.)

Anyway, I’m very excited about Easter this year.  Hopefully the weather cooperates and we can do the egg hunt outdoors.  Sorry, Spring Sphere Hunt.  (Insert eye roll here.)  Sheesh.

Do you hide Easter eggs for your kids?  If so, what do you put in them?  Is there anything you purposely don’t do as part of your Easter celebration?


4 responses

  1. you could put a plastic rosary in an egg for each girl if they don’t already have one. also, in the basket, you could put some prayer/saint cards. my kids like collecting them 🙂

  2. I have a friend who has made a set of EASTER EGGS that are all about the meaning of EASTER. I’m not exactly sure how it all goes, but a little bit like an advent calendar. Like a week or two before Easter / during Lent they open an egg and in it is a symbol of all that Jesus went through leading up to his death and then resurrection. And for the secular side of EASTER EGGS – I do mostly chocolate vs. other candy in the eggs and also money, tattoos, kid jewelry. Oh, I agree with you – spheres…really??

  3. we are doing religious books and rosaries. of course i always do a chocolate bunny but this year am doing at chocolate cross i found at Target for 99 cents each. They’re kids…gotta let them have SOME candy! Plus we try and keep the “egg hunt” and baskets deal separate from celebrating mass and the ressurrection of Christ. We actually say that we celebrate with candy and egg hunts BECAUSE of his rising again, not simply because it’s a part of Easter.

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