Whole Foods is becoming my new favorite store

In my continuing quest to feed my family healthier, more natural and organic foods, I’ve recently started adding Whole Foods to my list of stores to frequent.  Now in the past I had been a bit scared, even intimidated by visiting this particular retailer. 


Because I had this image in my head of all these natural, organic foods that I’ve never heard of and outrageous prices that I would absolutely NOT be able to afford without taking out a loan.  Or selling a child. Which I am willing to do, by the way.  Especially the littlest one because she still doesn’t sleep through the night is an absolute angel and is the child you would love the most.  Except that I won’t sell one of my children because that is highly illegal and might cause Child Protective Services to come visit me.  So stay away CPS, because my kids are not for sale.  (Wink wink.)

See?  Angel.

Anyway, back to topic.  I must say, I have been very pleasantly surprised with how NOT intimidating Whole Foods is.  The employees are very friendly and willing to help, especially when they see me struggling with my loads of children. 

They carry all the “normal” foods, just in organic or all natural versions.  They also carry lots of specialty foods for vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free diets.  Now most of the brands are ones you might not find in your normal grocery store, but one of the things I love about Whole Foods is that they will not carry any products with artificial anything in them.  So if you don’t like to read labels but don’t want to purchase foods with artificial ingredients, then Whole Foods is your kind of place.

Are they more expensive?  Not necessarily.  Now most of the produce is more expensive than the non-organic versions from your normal grocery store, but I’d say the prices meet or beat most of the organic versions at your regular grocery store.  And the prices on the other products hold their own versus regular grocery store prices. 

Today I stopped in while running errands and picked up some Cascade brand (the Whole Foods store brand) yogurts for $.50 each.  I also picked up two 16 ounce containers of Horizon’s organic sour cream for just $2.50 each.  That’s about what I would pay for Daisy brand at the grocery store.  And Annie’s Natural macaroni and cheese boxes were just $.75 each.  I’ve also noticed that the almond and soy milks Whole Foods carries run about $3.39 to $3.99 which is the same or cheaper than at the grocery stores.

Whole Foods also offers coupons and they regularly have many items on sale.  Since I’m a newbie to Whole Foods I’m still learning the ropes, and will continue to share with you my findings.

Another thing I love about this store?  They have a coffee bar, a salad bar, easy grab-and-go items, and a cute little cafe where you can sit and work, catch up with friends, or enjoy a fast but healthy lunch.  Whole Foods offers a great total overall experience, and I’m excited to continue exploring all they have to offer.

Do you shop Whole Foods?  Are there items you buy there that are cheaper than your regular grocery store?  What money saving tips do you have for Whole Foods?


2 responses

  1. I shop WF every week for most items and then swing by Target to fill in. I’ve been doing this for about a year now. One tip, if you buy 3 pounds or more of meat or poultry you get a $.50 discount per pound. I’ll get 3 pounds, but have them package it in 1lb packages. I think this deal might apply to fish too. Also, you can get a case discount on pretty much everything. Any questions, I’m happy to help. One more thing, they also offer several different classes there too.

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