Okay, so I’m not Anne Geddes, but I’m working on it

With the three most adorable little girls (Yes they are the most adorable.  This is my blog, don’t argue with me.) we could easily drop a small fortune on professional photographs.  But alas, a small fortune we have not.  But we’ve found several ways to still get quality pictures of the little beauty queens without compromising the mortgage payment.  I’ll write about some others another time, but today I only want to talk about one, and that is taking your own pictures. 

Told you they were cute.

See?  Cutest girls.  Ever.

If you think there are blogs-o-plenty about being a mom and/or saving money, try Googling “photography blogs.”  There are hundreds, nay, thousands of blogs available about how to shoot amazing pictures. This blog is not one of them. I repeat, this blog is NOT one of the. 

We just purchased our first DSLR camera when our third (yes, third) child was born back in October 2010.  Had we known how much we were going to love it we would have bought it sooner.  Okay, I know, a DSLR is not exactly an inexpensive purchase, but if you are determined to learn how to use it properly it is a great investment that can save you lots of money over the long haul.

How did we go about choosing our camera? After doing a lot of research comparing brands and checking out store websites, he visited our local camera store and talked to the sales associates there.  We ended up buying a Nikon D3100 with both the 15-55mm and 55-200mm lenses from Ritz Camera.  Ritz not only gave us a pretty good deal on the camera, but they threw in a camera bag and photography classes at their stores for free.  I have no problem buying from the major super-stores or buying online, and 9 times out of 10 we choose wherever we get the best price.  But with an investment like this we wanted to be choosy, and I will say the guys and gals that work there really do know their stuff.  They are a great resource and we’ve really enjoyed the classes we’ve taken so far.

And I have to tell you, I LOVE this camera.  Every time the girls go outside to play we have the camera in tow.  We might have more baby pictures of our third child than we do the older two.  We’re starting to look like tourists, carrying the camera with us everywhere we go. 

We do have to be very disciplined to delete all the pictures we don’t want right away (like the same day), otherwise we end up with thousand of terrible pictures wasting space on the SD card.  And we now have some of the most amazing pictures of our girls that we never would have with our point & shoot. 

We are still learning how to spruce up the pictures with software like Picassa or Windows Live Photo Gallery.  I really want to try to do a “formal” session with the baby when she turns six months old.  You know, dress her up real cute, use a cloth backdrop, maybe do some outdoor pictures, weather-permitting.  She turns six months on Tuesday.  Guess I need to get on that.  But except for maybe the occasional family photo, I don’t see us using a photographer or a studio again. 

Now if you can’t find the cash to fork out for a nice DSLR, I do NOT recommend going out to buy one.  Don’t justify it just to save on the photographer or studio costs.  If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it.  I’ve hear from many photographers that you can still take great pictures using your point & shoot, you just have to know how.  I’d recommend researching how to do that by Googling for blogs and other photography websites that feature information on point & shoots.

Photography not your gig but still want to save money on family pictures?  I’ll cover other options on how to save coming up soon.

Do you take your own family pictures?  What are your tips for capturing those important milestones in your kids’ lives?  Please share so I can make Lizzie’s six month session successful!


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