Cornbread and boo-yah

So last night I made a new recipe, Ham and Lentil soup.  Chad and I liked it, but neither of the bigger kids ate much of it.  Not that that’s any big surprise, those two 1) don’t eat much dinner period and 2) don’t each much soup.  Oh well.  But I will share the recipe with you at some time.

What I am disappointed about is the cornbread I made to go with it.  I  have now tried about five different recipes for cornbread and cannot find one we like.  I like sweeter cornbread, with a soft crumbly center but cripsy sweet outer edges.  I’ve made bread in a pan and in muffin tins, but haven’t tried a cast iron skillet.  Yet.  Maybe that’s next.

And I have to share something that makes me laugh.  And roll my eyes.  Because I’m really good at rolling my eyes.  I think every female masters that technique as a teenager.  Usually at her mom.  And I get to go through it on the receiving end three times.  Ugh.  Have I mentioned how, as a mom of three girls, I’m NOT looking forward to the teenage years? 

But I digress.

So I was reading some of the reviews for various cornbread recipes at my favorite website, Allrecipes, and it just kills me what some people write.  One person commented that they changed the recipe from 2 cups of flour and 3/4 cup of cornmeal to 1/2 cup flour and 1 1/4 cups of cornmeal, plus a few other changes, but then proceed to say “Thanks so-and-so for sharing this great recipe!”.  Are you kidding me?   You completely changed the recipe but then proceeded to thank the person for sharing?  I have no problem with that if you just add some extra herbs or maybe some different veggies to a particular dish, but when you completely change the measurements and the consistency, you have a whole new recipe.   Again with the laugh.  And the eye roll.

So dear readers, please, if you have the PERFECT recipe for cornbread, please do share!  This momma is tired of too many fails.  I need to be winning!  (And yes that was a horrible reference to Charlie Sheen.  My apologies for that.)

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the title of this post is, I have no idea.  My husband always says “cornbread and boo-yah” whenever I mention we’re having cornbread.  If you can shed any light on that, I’d be appreciative for that as well.

P.S.  I’m famous!  Well not really.  Maybe kind of.  Anyway, I sent in a question to the author of one of my favorite blogs, The Frugal Girl, and she answered my question in her weekly Monday Q&A post.  Woo hoo!!  If you haven’t checked her blog out yet, you need to!


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  1. I have 2 very yummy cornbread recipes…I made it all the time when I lived in TX…not as much up here for some reason, but when I do make it, everyone LOVES it. I think I have your email, I will email them to you 🙂

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