We’re ready for Spring…now if only the weather would cooperate

Ahhh, have I mentioned how much I love shopping for clothes for my kids? 

Since I volunteered with the Here We Grow Again sale I got to shop at the volunteer pre-sale not open to the public.  Getting to shop the sale early is the key to finding the best deals.  When I hit these sales, especially for the ones where I volunteer and get to shop early, the first thing I do is hit the areas where the best items go first — outdoor toys, large items and bikes. 

At this sale one of the first things I found was a 3 1/2 foot doll house.  It’s a bit older and it looks faded but is in good condition.  It was only $30.  I haven’t found a brand new one online yet, but I heard several shoppers comment that it would cost around $150 brand new.  I love me some 80% savings.   I think it will be an Easter present for the girls.  I’d post a picture, but its still in the back of my car since I don’t want the kids to see it yet.  Hmmm, I need to get that out of the car before I go grocery shopping tomorrow.

I also got some really great clothes for Carlie and Lizzie.  Poor Maddie only got one new dress, two swimsuits, and a dance outfit.  And it turns out the dress is too big, so now even that goes to Carlie.  But Maddie has plenty of clothes for the summer already since she has all of Carlie’s hand-me-downs.  When we played “Fashion Show” to try on all our new outfits to see what fit Maddie kept wanting to try on Carlie’s clothes.  I’m sure this is just the beginning of the clothes hoarding and fighting yet to come in our household.  Sigh.

I already had some casual clothes for Carlie, but needed some more dresses and some play clothes. 

Here are the dresses.  The upper left was the one intended for Maddie. Oh wait, the upper middle is not a dress, it’s a shorts outfit.  Whoops.

Here are some of the shirts and playclothes.  I know what you’re thinking — what is that hideous white shirt with blue trim and the word “Royals” across the front near the bottom?  I’m honestly still in shock about it myself.  I actually bought a Royals shirt for my child.  Now wait, wait, wait, before all you STL fans start gettin’ all up in my grill about it, let me tell you, this child has been wearing Cardinals gear her whole life (thanks Aunt Laura and Uncle Jeff!).  In fact, this is the first Royals shirt any of my kids have ever owned.  I kinda feel bad that Chad’s team has never been represented in our house on one of our kids, so I caved.  It was only $3.  Turns out it doesn’t fit her very well.  I can’t say I’m too disappointed.

These are new clothes for Lizzie.  I have a decent closet full of 6-9 month clothes for the summer for her, but she’s already starting to wear that size.  So she was needing some 12 month size clothes for the end of summer.  You may not be able to see it well, but right in the middle is a white terrycloth romper that I cannot WAIT to put her in.  Just thinking about her fat little thighs sticking out of that with a cute white hat on her head makes me smile.

Aaaaannnnd, here is the last bit.  Swimsuits.  Now swimsuits are something I never thought I’d buy from a consignment sale.  But I found some really cute suits that are not worn in the bottom at all for less than $5 each.  The top left two are for C, the top right two are for M, and the bottom center one is for L.  The other two pieces are dance outfits I got for just a few bucks.  Carlie wants to take dance so I figured I’d get her something to wear.  If she doesn’t take dance or can’t wear hot pink to dance, then I guess it’s a gymnastics outfit.  If they end up not taking any classes then they’re play outfits.  

I had a few more shirts too, they just didn’t make the picture. 

All in all I’m very pleased with what I got for the money.  I ended up with about 70 pieces for around $150.  That’s just over $2 per item.  And all in just a few hours time.  Pretty darned good, if I may take a minute to toot my own horn.

Now I still need to get a few more items — jean shorts for Carlie (she’s so hard to fit with button-style pants I have to buy them  new so I can try them on her and return what doesn’t fit), and some shoes for Carlie and Maddie.  And maybe some hats too.  I still need to see what fits from last year.

Now that I have all these great spring and summer clothes, I need it to finally be spring.  We are SO done with this cold weather around here.

Tomorrow’s post will be my meal plan for the next week, so be sure to check back and see what yummy things are on the menu at Casa de Cure.

If you shop consignment sales, what are some of your great finds, either this year or in the past?  I’d love to hear about them!


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